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Sustainable Moving & Living Tips for 2022

January 18, 2022

As we get further into the new year, you might be looking to switch your lifestyle up a bit, and might be inspired to make some life changes for the better. If you’re looking to make some lifestyle changes that will not only benefit the environment, but will allow you to make better decisions regarding the products you use and buy regularly, you might be interested in sustainable living practices. Beyond that, at Bekins Van Lines we specialize in moving, so we are going to offer you some sustainable moving tips as well that you can use during your next relocation.

What is Sustainability?

You’ve probably heard a lot about the concept of ‘sustainability’, or just some things from brands trying to paint themselves as such to sell more items. However, being eco-friendly, “going green”, or doing your part to fight climate change starts with you and the changes you make. Though environmental concerns are directly linked to the actions of larger corporations, how you buy will directly influence them and their practices. When you change your lifestyle, you’ll do your part to live in a cleaner manner, and pressure corporations to do more for the environment. 

So what is sustainability, really? 

In short, sustainability is a way of living that allows you to fulfill you and your family’s needs, without harming the environment or unnecessarily depleting the earth’s resources. It means embracing a more low-waste lifestyle, and putting less pollution out into the atmosphere. Essentially, it’s all about improving your quality of life while helping the environment. 

How Does Sustainable Living Work?

The idea of sustainable living all revolves around just the thought of helping our environment out a little bit. After all, our environment can’t renew itself forever. Living sustainably sets up future generations for success, and puts our environment in a better spot both currently and in times to come. 

Protecting the earth by making ethical choices can not only help you and future generations, but also can help reduce your energy costs, help improve air quality, lower your carbon footprint, plus can help society as a whole. 

How to Live Sustainability in 2022

If your New Year’s Resolution is to live a little more responsibly and to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, we’ve got some great solutions for things you can do just around the house to make your lifestyle a little more green. Remember, lifestyle changes like this don’t happen overnight, so try to just incorporate a few at a time to change things up for the better. 

Making an effort at all can also make a big difference, no matter how minute. From what food you eat to the clothes you buy – everything makes a difference in helping the environment. 

To kickstart your foray into sustainability, consider:

  • Using reusable grocery bags at the store
  • Using reusable straws
  • Using smart power strips for household appliances or electronics
  • Use dishwashers to conserve waters
  • Recycle, recycle, recycle!
  • Switch from paper bank or credit card statements to electronic ones
  • Unplug electronics or appliances when you’re not using them
  • Hang clothes up to dry instead of running the dryer a second time
  • Use reusable bottles instead of single-use plastic bottles

Looking to take things up a notch? Here are some more involved tips for you:

  • Cut down on meat consumption: Animal farming is a huge contributor to pollution!
  • Switch out lightbulbs for LED’s
  • Purchase fair-trade products to make sure you’re buying ethically
  • Use less manufactured household cleaning products, and focus on basic ones
  • Buy from sustainable fashion brands
  • Buy organic food products
  • Use public transportation instead of driving everywhere

Want to up your sustainability even more? Try out these tips:

  • Convert your yard into an organic food garden, and grow your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs
  • Invest in an electric or hybrid car. 
  • Try to take trains instead of flying short distances
  • Only use energy conserving appliances
  • Insulate your home to conserve energy
  • Install solar panels on your home
  • Volunteer or join a local environmental organization

Living sustainably really is a lifestyle change that requires commitment and research, but really does make a difference in your lifestyle and in the environment. To start off, try out only buying the things you really need and will use, and try to buy more reusable products to cut down on your single use plastic waste. Cutting down on your trash production will also really help out the environment, as producing less trash aids in halting as much pollution put into the air.

You can also make a difference in items that you might not use too often, by renting them instead of buying them. Additionally, invest in sustainable fashion or try to only buy second hand clothing from vintage, thrift, or consignment shops. You’ll be shocked by what you might find! Plus, when you’re done with or cleaning out clothing during a move, make sure to donate your clothing instead of throwing everything out. 

How to Pack Sustainably Before Your Move

When gearing up for a move and decluttering your home, it’s a great time to hit the reset button and donate or sell things you no longer want or need. When purging your items before a move, try to avoid throwing things out unless they are absolutely unusable. 

If you’re looking to get rid of your things without throwing them into a landfill, consider investing in Bekins Van Lines’ storage services. Give away anything you can to family and friends who can use them, and otherwise store or donate them. Using Bekins’ storage services are also great, especially if you’re not totally sure you want to get rid of large furniture items yet, but may not have room for them in your new place.

How to Make Your Next Move More Sustainable

There are a ton of ways to try and make your upcoming move as sustainable as possible, and to create minimal waste while making your transition. However, all moves will probably unfortunately come with just a little bit of waste here and there. That doesn’t mean you can’t do everything you can to keep your relocation as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible! Let’s discuss how moving can be sustainable. 

  • Utilize Smart Movers. A great way to make sure your move is as sustainable as possible is to use a moving company who plans their routes efficiently and smartly. By planning out routes efficiently, large moving trucks (which are often unavoidable for those relocating) can move faster, use less gas, and produce less in the way of emissions. 
  • Reuse Moving Supplies. A great way to make your moving experience more sustainable is to reuse your moving supplies, and make sure to use recycled materials. Get boxes from family or friends, or ask local stores for their excess boxes from shipments that would otherwise be thrown away. From there, make sure to reuse or keep boxes after your move for reuse around the house or for storage. 
  • Use Reusable Packing Materials. There are many kinds of bubble wrap out there that aren’t recyclable or sustainably sourced, unfortunately. When shopping for packing materials, always make sure to check to see if they’re recyclable or compostable, and try to go for types like packing paper that are more environmentally friendly. Additionally, use socks, hats, blankets, and clothing to help pack and cushion fragile items. 
  • Buy Packing Materials Secondhand. In the same realm, buy packing materials to use from thrift or second hand stores, including blankets, sheets, or other things that can cushion and protect your items. 

Whether you’re looking to make changes to live sustainably, pack sustainably, or move sustainably, there are so many options out there to allow yourself to do so. From choosing more energy efficient appliances, to buying sustainable packing materials and choosing the right movers, there are tons of ways to live more sustainably in your everyday life, while also making conscious choices for your future.

Whether you’re looking to move, pack or invest in sustainable storage, look to Bekins Van Lines for everything you need. We’ll provide you with the best possible moving services while you can focus on settling into your new home and beginning your new foray into sustainability. 

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