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Going Solo: 5 Ways to Kick Loneliness When Moving to a New Town by Yourself

September 27, 2019 | Household Moves

It takes guts to make a big change on your own. Whether you are separating from a significant other, making a fresh start, or you took a job in a different city that you simply couldn’t say no to, going it alone can be scary! It is not uncommon for loneliness to creep in when you don’t know anyone in the town you live. Take some of these tips into consideration. Once you get into the swing of independence, you’ll feel like you have truly accomplished something big, something to be proud of. Here are some helpful tips for moving to a new town.

Volunteer for a Cause You Feel Passionate About

“The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves,” Helen Keller once said. It can be difficult not to fall into a minor depression when we feel alone. Volunteering for a worthy cause will make you feel like you have purpose. The feeling you get from charity work is like no other. It can generally make you feel great about yourself, will get you out of the house, and may introduce you to some like-minded people as well. The benefits of volunteer work are endless.

Help Plan a Trip for Your Old Friends

Do you miss your friends or family back home? Of course you do! So, make a plan for them to come see you and your new living space. Most people love to travel and experience new places. It is even easier when they have a place to stay. And of course, you are there. Get to know your new city or town and prepare for the trip. Take them to some spots you know and explore new ones with them. If you are a bit of an introvert and feel uneasy going to new places alone, this is a great opportunity for you to explore your new surroundings with a familiar face.

Join an Exercise Class or Amateur Sports Team

Between your job, family, relationships, and everything else back home, it was hard to find the time to join a club or play that sport you have always loved. Now that you have some free time, take up that yoga routine you’ve been planning to start forever. Physical activity is essential for a healthy mind! This is also one of the best ways to meet people who share your interests.

Get a Dog – And Take them to the Park

Have you ever held a puppy or pet a dog and not felt completely happy in that moment? Make it last and find yourself a new best friend. Dogs are wonderful companions and can help ease all kinds of anxieties. Having a dog can get you into a good routine of caring for them. It is a good way to feel needed and loved. Bring the pup to the dog park or take simple daily walks. You will run into other dog people. Set up doggy play dates and soon enough, both you and your dog will have new friends to hang out with.

Try Out a Social App

Technology today is great for dating, but what about friendships? There are many apps and websites designed just for making new friendships that I bet you didn’t even know about. MeetUp is one of the most popular apps which allows you to browse real-life social groups that are free to join. People on this app are people just like you, trying to find friends with similar interests. There are book clubs, movie theater outings, art gallery nights, and more to explore. Other friend-finding apps include Nextdoor, which allows you to exchange local recommendations and information with your neighbors, and even Bumble. Yes, it is mostly known as a dating app but many people adjust the settings to find friends, not romance. These options may not suite everyone but give it a shot. You never know where it could lead.

Take advantage of some of these things and you are sure to be enjoying a new group or two of friends in no time. You may still miss your old friends and family, but keep in mind that this move doesn’t have to be permanent unless you want it to be. It’s all about taking advantage of new opportunities and seeing where they take you. Before the move, planning and packing can be even more stressful. Bekins has all the resources to take that weight off of your shoulders. Call a local Bekins agent today to get started on your new adventure.

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