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How to Label Your Moving Boxes

April 3, 2020 | Packing Guides & Tips

Keeping organized during a move isn’t easy. You’re packing up and transporting everything you own. It’s not surprising that, without proper preparation, things can easily get mixed up, lost or confused. There are a lot of ways to help yourself keep this from happening. You can enlist the help of a professional moving company. You can get rid of all unimportant items and only move necessary things. Or… you can just label your moving boxes!

Taking extra time during the packing process to label things thoroughly can make all the difference. There are several different methods you can use, depending on your personal preferences. We’ve listed the four most common below.

The Sticker System

This method is nice because you don’t have to buy anything new. You just have to use what you already have. If you have kids, you have stickers. You can choose a certain variety of sticker for each room of your new home. Star Wars stickers can go on the kitchen boxes. Animal stickers can go on the upstairs bathroom boxes. Heart stickers can go on the master bedroom boxes, and so on.

The nice thing about the sticker method is that it’s an easy way to get your kids involved in the move. They can be in charge of decorating the boxes, keeping them occupied and helpful as you pack.

The Room System

This is the most common method of labeling boxes. In fact, some moving boxes even have rooms already printed on them so you can check where your box belongs. Packing boxes and labeling them by the room they belong in is simple, efficient, and doesn’t involve too much extra work.

Use the room system by simply writing the name of the destination room on the box. To make your labels easier to see, you could also wrap the boxes in various colors of tape depending on which room they belong in. Just don’t forget which colors correspond to which room!

The List System

This labeling system involves the most work, but it’s also the most thorough. All you have to do is get some high-quality permanent markers. Use your markers to list the interior contents of the on the exterior of the box. You don’t have to list everything if you don’t want to, but the more you list the better. This will also make it easier on you when you’re unpacking, allowing you to pull out the things you want most, first.

If you don’t want to mark up your boxes, you can make your lists elsewhere. Label each box with a number or color and then list the contents of each box on a piece of paper or on your phone. You’ll be able to tell what’s where at a glance, which will make later unpacking far easier.

The Number System

This method combines the room and list system for anyone who’s highly organized… or highly afraid of losing something. Label each with its destination and then give it a number. “Blue 1” could mean the first box to bring into your bathroom, for instance. Then, make your list with categories for colors (rooms) and by the numbers themselves. You’ll know exactly where everything is and where it’s supposed to go.

This method may seem a little extreme and it’s certainly time-consuming, but it has its advantages. For one thing, you’ll know where everything you need is right when you need it. Even if you can’t unpack right away, you’ll be able to access your belongings as if you were unpacked. You’ll also have a complete catalogue of your belongings for insurance and organizational purposes. If you lose “Kitchen 2” you’ll know you lost your espresso maker.

Once you’ve properly packed and labeled your boxes, the next thing you’ll need is help moving them. That’s where Bekins comes in. Our experts can help you safely, securely, and efficiently move all your boxes from their current home to their new home. Guaranteed. All you need to do is give us a call.

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