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5 Tips for Spring Cleaning & Organization

If you can believe it, spring is around the corner.  Along with spring comes cleaning and organizing. It’s time to go through the old and make room for the new. Whether you realize it or not, household goods tend to build up throughout the year. Consider these tips as you… Continue reading.

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Moving with Kids

Moving in Middle School Sure, moving is hard and stressful. But have you ever stopped for a second to think about what moving is like for your kids? I took a moment last weekend to catch up with some family friends who recently moved from Akron, Ohio to Indianapolis, Ind…. Continue reading.

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Create a home inventory before you move

It is important to know what you own, whether you’re preparing to move with Bekins Van Lines or in case of a flood, fire or burglary. A simple, but effective, home inventory is easy to prepare with only a notebook. Consider Bekins’ room-to-room home inventory checklist for a fast and easy… Continue reading.

Moving to a New Home? Need Decorating Ideas?

You’re moving to a new home.  Do you need some decorating ideas to help make your new place look like home?  Here are some interior design tips from Interior Design News that might be helpful when you move and start getting settled  http://www.interiordesign-news.com/home-decor-ideas.html.  They recommend that when you decorate, you should consider… Continue reading.