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Moving planning resources and guides

If you're looking for resources that will help you plan for your next move, you've come to the right place. Learn tips, tricks, and smart advice about every aspect of relocation, from packing to pricing.

Moving Guide | Moving Planning and Guides | Bekins

Moving Guide

There are a lot of issues and situations to consider and plan for when you're moving an entire household. From kids to pets to your household plants, be sure to plan ahead and be prepared for moving day.

Moving Checklist | Moving Planning and Guides | Bekins

Moving Checklist

Starting three to four months prior to your moving day, this checklist covers the issues you should check off your moving list. Bekins professional movers and local agents can keep you on track.

Moving with Children and Pets

Are you preparing to move your family? Here is our best advice on how to give your kids and pets the extra attention they need for a smooth transition.

Two men move an appliance out of a house.

How to Move Appliances

Moving appliances can be complicated if not planned for in advance. Let Bekins help you out with this guide to moving refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens and other large appliances.

Packing Guide | Moving Planning and Guides | Bekins

Packing Guide

From packing each individual carton to the order in which items are placed on the truck, you'll be surprised how much planning ahead and having a packing plan makes your move easier.

Packing Recommendations | Moving Planning and Guides | Bekins

Packing Recommendations

Follow these packing guidelines to avoid packing items that are dangerous, hazardous, illegal or items you want to protect.

Planning Your Move: Moving Day | Moving Planning & Guides | Bekins

Plan Your Move

Ever wonder what moving day is like when you hire professional movers? With Bekins, loading and delivery day are carefully planned to remove stress and unexpected surprises from the process.

Moving Resources | Moving Planning and Guides | Bekins

Moving Resources

Homefair.com provides a variety of useful online tools for planning a move.

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In this section you will find helpful information and tips, all pertaining to Bekins Van Lines' moving services.


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