Bekins Sunday Spotlight: Finding Her Mission

Sunday Spotlight is a bi-weekly publication highlighting individual Bekins’ employees, agents and drivers and the unique talents, interests and hobbies each has.  This week, follow along as we feature the philanthropic work and mission trip of Luann Sauer, Tech Support at the Bekins Corporate Office. Finding Her Mission Looking down… Continue reading.

This Is Moving: Washington D.C.

First Stop: Washington D.C. A city steeped in history, Washington D.C. is a bustling capital city of over 600,000.  We know this city for its museums, politicians and the most famous dwelling in American history: The White House.  For history-buffs around the world, it’s a no-brainer to visit D.C., but… Continue reading.

This Is Moving: America

Bit By The Travel Bug Grab your camera, get some snacks, fill up your gas tank and check your oil because starting this month, Bekins Van Lines is embarking on a trek across the United States during This Is Moving: America to find out more about the country we call… Continue reading.

Technology Tip: Google Helps Organize Your Move

Google produces a plethora of tools that enable a person’s life to be organized to the max.  Since we’re always trying to make moves easier and less stressful, we decided to investigate and test many of Google’s tools to determine which would be most helpful during an interstate move. If… Continue reading.

Post Trade Show Thoughts: SHRM 2013

SHRM 2013 Having recently returned from the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) Annual Conference in Chicago, our Sales team was abuzz with new and exciting ideas.  This annual conference, the largest of its kind in the world, brings together HR professionals as well as Insurance, Professional Development, Talent Management… Continue reading.

How-to Guide: Moving Estimate Appointment

How do I start? Bekins Van Lines knows that the moving process can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially if this is a first-time move.  It’s hard to know where to begin when it seems like there’s a whole mountain of tasks to accomplish.  Take a deep breath though.  If you’re… Continue reading.