Organized closet after a move

How to Organize Your Closet After a Move

You’ve just moved into your new house or apartment. Maybe you’ve unpacked the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom… and you have one daunting task left: the closet. Moving into a new space is a great time for a fresh start—and an organized closet is a great way to get started…. Continue reading.

Older couple embracing in front of ocean

Moving After Retirement: Pros and Cons

Retirement is the ultimate goal of anyone in the full-time workforce. You get to kick back and enjoy the fruits of your life’s labors. You can sleep in, spend time with your family, travel, watch 16-hour Forensic Files marathons–or do whatever else you want. That includes packing up and moving… Continue reading.

carpet covered in protective wrap

How Do I Protect My Floors During a Move?

Ironically, when people move, they often spend so much time thinking about how they’re going to protect their valuables during move-in that they forget about their flooring. Unfortunately, this can often come back to bite them. It’s all too easy to significantly damage your flooring by dragging, sliding or dropping… Continue reading.